TNO: partner in Industry

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How TNO can help the industry sector

One of the biggest challenges facing industry today is sustainability. TNO advises companies in the sustainable use of energy and reuse of raw materials. Plenty of research is being done in cooperation with industry, looking for methods to make the chemical industry circular and reduce CO2 emissions.

Sustainable industry

TNO Green Print accelerates sustainable industry

TNO works with partners and we offer knowledge, innovation and concrete solutions for companies, government and suppliers. In summary, we call this TNO Green Prints. A TNO Green Print is a blueprint for radical greening of your value chain in the industry sector.


How TNO can help you grow

Do you want to start a company, but do you need scientific substantiation? TNO helps you with research.



Do you want to develop a product or service, but you don't have the facilities or resources for it? TNO helps you with the development.



Are you looking for collaborations in the industry sector? TNO is happy to advise you.

Would you like to know how you can collaborate with TNO?

Creating innovations is a matter of collaboration. That is only possible with partners. That is why we work annually with around 3,000 large multinationals, SMEs, universities, knowledge institutions and governments, at home and abroad, on joint challenges.

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