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Projects that make industrial heat management more sustainable

We’re working on several projects to make industrial heat management more sustainable. We’re doing this in collaboration with end users, suppliers, and other partners. Find out what projects we’re currently working on.

STEPS: industrial heat pump for steam production

In the STEPS project, we’re developing a pentane-based heat pump that can produce up to 6 bara of steam. This is a two-stage compression system in which we can apply residual heat at both low temperature (60°C) and medium temperature (100°C). STEPS is implemented by a large industrial consortium.

CRUISE: cost reduction for industrial heat pumps

In the CRUISE project, we’re working closely with end users and tech suppliers to achieve 50 per cent investment savings for industrial heat pump technology. This technology produces heat for industrial applications in a cost-effective way by reusing residual heat and renewable electricity. We can apply this technology cross-sectorally and offer major energy savings. The cost target is between 150 euros and 200 euros per kW.

PCM Scale-up: development of PCM heat storage on an industrial scale

In the PCM Scale-up project, we’re working together with the end user and system supplier on a PCM testing system for heat storage. This system provides knowledge about the performance and contribution of energy-saving technology in industrial processes. It also provides information on the economic feasibility and conditions for optimal use of this technology.

Low Capex industrial heat pump

Together with end users and technology and system suppliers, we're working on developing and testing a reduced Capex heat pump system. This system produces steam (up to 5 bara) from waste heat sources from 50˚C to 80˚C. It has a thermal capacity of 2 MW and a cost target of less than 200 euros per kW of thermal capacity. We’re preparing demonstration projects in the food, paper, and chemical industries.

Taste: ThermoAcoustic high temperature STeam producing heat pump

The TASTE project is a collaboration between TNO and Bronswerk Heat Transfer, Howden Thomassen Compressors, Dow, and SmurfitKappa. Together, we're working on the development of an industrial thermo-acoustic heat pump that produces steam to power industrial processes. This heat pump is driven by a piston compressor and is capable of upgrading waste heat from 120°C to steam of at least 180°C.

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Making industry more sustainable

Industry generates high carbon emissions and can be made much more sustainable and efficient in its use of energy and raw materials.

Heat pumps for decarbonising the industry

29 October 2020
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