Solar energy on buildings
Energy & Materials Transition

Heat generation in building components

Status project

2023 - 2025

In cooperation with

SolarTech, TU/e, ZND Nedicom, NRGTEQ

As we move away from gas usage for heating homes, the demand for heat pumps rises. These pumps can elevate heat from the subsurface to usable warmth for tap water or space heating. A novel technique we're developing and testing with partners involves a heat exchanger integrated behind a solar panel, roof tile, beneath a terrace, or within the façade.

Integration into building materials

Rather than laying traditional solar panels on your roof, the collectors are integrated into various building materials, allowing them to absorb heat and convert it into energy. The result? A heat pump that is not only more efficient but also seamlessly integrates into the design of a home. Moreover, there's no need for a noisy outdoor unit in this system.

Innovation and applicability

In this project, we're exploring advanced technology and practical application in the building envelope alongside SolarTech International, TU/e, ZND Nedicom, Verkoelen Dakspecialisten, and NRGTEQ. Our aim is to create a robust, simple, and affordable building element within a few years, with optimal efficiency in harvesting thermal energy. This silent application should be widely applicable, from sloping roofs to façades, from urban environments to rural areas. Not only does this look more stylish, but it also provides a solution to the space constraints for solar panels in the Netherlands. By transforming building surfaces into energy-generating components, we can make more efficient use of our limited space, thereby taking a significant step towards a more sustainable future.

From theory to practice

The BIT project is currently in full swing, with test setups being trialed at SolarBEAT and later replaced by the newly developed BIT collectors with improved heat transfer. In the final phase of the project, we'll demonstrate the new collectors alongside the heat exchangers at three residential locations. View the project poster here.

BIT collector at SolarBEAT test facility

Reducing strain on the electricity grid

The newly developed BIT heat exchanger not only provides a solution to the growing demand for heat pumps in the Netherlands but can also reduce peak loads on the electricity grid since there's less peak demand on cold winter days compared to a traditional air-to-water heat pump. This reduction in peak loads is crucial for the stability of our energy supply.

This project is made possible with financial support from the European Union through the OPZuid stimulus program.

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