Monitoring installations, components, and energy

Energy performance

Does a concept meet expectations? How is a user experiencing the energy climate at home or in the office? Once you’ve developed products and applied concepts, you’ll want to monitor performance and energy use. We have the knowledge and tools to make a diagnosis for builders, developers, and end users.

How to monitor installations, components, and energy

Monitoring is a means of looking at technical installations. How are the various installations and associated components performing? Why is energy consumption higher or lower? How much CO2 is emitted? Another question is about how you can achieve an improved concept or a different approach.

We use existing measuring instruments to uncover and analyse possible areas of improvement. And if necessary, we develop new technologies and measuring instruments. For example, it’s already possible to determine how airtight houses are. This is a measure of the quality of construction: the more airtight a building, the more energy-efficient it is. But if a building is too airtight, this can cause health problems. For this reason, we also involve health scientists in monitoring.

User experiences

In addition to ‘hard’ technical measurements, you’ll also want to know how users experience the concept. The personal experience of users helps determine whether your design and the techniques applied achieve the aims. You can use protocols and measuring equipment to optimise the settings of your building management system and create an even better concept next time. One that is even more efficient and with even greater comfort for the user. You can see how precisely an installation has been calibrated and whether or not the user is paying too much. We have the technical means to monitor this, for example with the deal from ‘De Stroomversnelling’, a network that facilitates collaboration between stakeholders to enable Net Zero Energy (NZE) makeovers in the Netherlands. We’re already monitoring thousands of zero-energy homes.

Assuring quality

Performance guarantees will be increasingly important in the future. Are you a builder or developer who has completed a renovation or new-build project and discovered after a few years that it does not fulfil the energy goals? In such a case, you have to prove that your concept was sound. We’re an independent organisation and our monitoring enables you to assure quality, both for yourself and for the building’s owner or manager.


Want to know more?

Would you like to find out what know-how is currently available? Are you interested in current or completed projects? Or do you have a specific question? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll work with you to find a solution.

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