Sustainable chemical industry

We are committed to a sustainable chemical industry. Using innovative solutions, we reduce the carbon footprint and make products and processes more sustainable. This is how we’re contributing to a sustainable society.

Our vision on sustainable chemical industry

With innovative, collaborative research, we are working on solutions in three areas: feedstock flexibility, efficient processing and improved product functionality.

Our latest developments

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TU Delft and TNO prepare industry for scale-up phase of clean factory

8 April 2022

Oil and gas shortages are not only pushing up the prices of gas and petrol, but also plastics, medicines and cosmetics. To make our society less dependent on fossil fuels and combat climate change, the chemical industry needs to change radically. In recent years, TU Delft and TNO have laid the foundation for cleaner production processes in the chemical industry. The new e-Chem partnership is now taking this a step further by actually constructing a clean factory of the future.

Collaboration for European platform on industrial transformation

10 November 2021
Institutes TNO, DECHEMA and VITO/EnergyVille set up an international cross-border knowledge platform on industrial transformation.