Geo-energy research

Energy transition requires a combination of energy sources, technologies and applications. An important role is reserved for geothermal energy. At present, this is mainly used in horticulture to heat greenhouses, but it is also becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to disconnect homes from natural gas. TNO also focuses on the storage of energy and CO2.

Affordable and sustainable heat

The built environment must be made free of natural gas, as part of the Climate Agreement. Heat grids are one of the solutions.

Our latest developments

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TNO at Holst Centre launches 3D battery spinoff LionVolt

3 March 2021
LionVolt will accelerate the development of a revolutionary solid-state battery based on the 3D technology created by TNO at Holst Centre over the past 5 years.

Possible breakthrough for geothermal production with steel shot drilling technique

1 March 2021

Improve robust and safe geothermal production at lower costs with advanced directional drilling technology is the goal in the DEPLOI project: DEmonstrate Production enhancement with LOw cost side track drilling.

Rijswijk Geothermal Energy Research Centre continues work on energy transition

12 February 2021
Geothermal energy can play a substantial role in the energy transition. As a source of sustainable heat, it can be used to heat buildings sustainably.