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Does ethical Artificial Intelligence exist?

21 January 2019
Can you use the processing power of a computer to calculate the best – ethically responsible – outcome?... Read more
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Ships never off radar again thanks to smart algorithm

14 January 2019
TNO has developed a smart algorithm that has made inland shipping safer by improving shipping communication... Read more
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Citizens are increasingly important in police investigations

9 January 2019
How can civilians help with investigative work? Given the risks to civilians, the police have consulted... Read more
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How can we develop trust in Artificial Intelligence?

8 January 2019
What makes AI tick? Who keeps an eye on that? TNO is exploring ways of boosting people’s confidence in... Read more
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Identifying the best HIV treatments with MPC

18 December 2018
How can we bridge the gap between privacy and big data? Secure Multi-Party Computation offers solutions... Read more
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The Seaweed Lab: a symbiosis between knowledge and industry

14 December 2018
Seaweed is a source of food, raw materials and energy. The Seaweed Lab in Petten is helping to make it... Read more

Climate policy demands circular strategies

11 December 2018
For a successful climate policy we need to secure critical metals for solar panels & wind turbines #COP24... Read more
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"We are in danger of falling behind worldwide"

10 December 2018
Does the Netherlands have the culture, databases and knowledge to make Artificial Intelligence successful?... Read more
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Aeolus is accelerating innovation in military aerospace

7 December 2018
Aeolus is an open innovation platform for improving human performance under extreme conditions Read more
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Smart police cameras recognize street violence

6 December 2018
How can the ‘smart cameras’ developed by TNO help the police to respond more quickly to street violence?... Read more


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