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From earthquake model to predictive model for IC admissions

31 July 2020
As part of the Brains4corona initiative, TNO, in partnership with Amsterdam UMC, Erasmus MC, and Leiden... Read more
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Privacy-friendly data technology expands oncology research opportunities

30 July 2020
Privacy-friendly data helps oncology research opportunities to give insights about more successful treatment.... Read more
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Reliable and affordable energy supply in 2050: TNO answers questions

27 July 2020
A reliable and affordable energy supply in 2050: what will it entail? A TNO energy expert answers questions.... Read more
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Making customised medication with a 3D printer

23 July 2020
With 3D printing, you can make precisely customised doses of medication, for children for example. Read more
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How can we make young people more resilient?

20 July 2020
TNO is working on the development of intervention programmes to increase the resilience of youth Read more
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Greater energy-efficiency and fewer CO2 emissions thanks to new absorption technology

6 July 2020
New CO2 absorption technologies use less energy per ton of removed CO2 and emit less CO2. Read more
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Van Oord: North Sea as breeding ground for innovation

22 June 2020
North Sea Energy-research has presented promising conclusions about the future of the North Sea Read more

Light as a form of defence? Laser brings down unwanted drones

8 June 2020
How can you disable an unwanted drone quickly and affordably? TNO is testing a high-energy laser weapon.... Read more
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Energy supply in 2050: two scenarios, one conclusion

22 May 2020
What is the best and cheapest route to achieve the climate goals for 2050? TNO outlines 2 remarkable... Read more
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The economy after the corona vaccine: how the Netherlands can innovate its way out of the crisis

11 May 2020
Innovating the Netherlands out of the crisis, it’s possible! Read more in our position paper Read more


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