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Self-learning adaptive systems accelerate the industrial development process

9 May 2022
Whether concerning the effectiveness of batteries in electric vehicles or the reliability of high-speed... Read more

How 5G network slicing will make our traffic cleaner, more efficient and safer

25 April 2022
5G will contribute to more efficient, cleaner and safer mobility, but only if we can use 5G’s full potential... Read more
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Wind turbine with 145-metre blades: reduced costs and greater efficiency

4 April 2022
Wind turbines with 145-metre-long blades? This is how we make testing and certification possible. Read more
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Driving Industries Forward with Public Private Partnerships: Arla Food Ingredients and Danone

17 March 2022
Can one research project drive entire industries forward? It can when the right industry players come... Read more
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Circular economy: This is how you also determine a product’s social impact

10 March 2022
Social Life Cycle Assessment enables us to also assess the social effects of a certain product. Read more
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International Women’s Day 2022

8 March 2022
Today on International Women’s Day we celebrate the success and achievements of women in science for... Read more

Tool: explore privacy-enhancing technologies together

28 February 2022
A public support tool for multidisciplinary teams that want to apply PETs to their business challenges... Read more
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The mathematics of privacy-friendly data sharing

18 February 2022
In our data-driven society, it’s imperative to protect confidential and personal data. Cryptographer... Read more
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Tiledmedia’s Razor-sharp VR Grabs the World’s Attention

9 February 2022
There’s no rest for the VR experts at Rotterdam-based Tiledmedia. This winter, they’ll stream major sports... Read more
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Solar energy: limits to yield extended further

7 February 2022
Solar energy is developing at lightning speed. The increase in efficiency is, amongst others, causing... Read more