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Rules and regulations are delaying energy integration in the North Sea

19 February 2019
Rene Peters is an energy expert and programme manager at North Sea Energy: “The law really does have... Read more
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Unique noise barrier generates energy on both sides

18 February 2019
ECN part of TNO is collaborating on noise reduction barriers that generate solar energy on both sides.... Read more
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“I have been working on safe storage of liquid hydrogen”

14 February 2019
Bilim Atli-Veltin is TNO’s ‘Young Excellent Researcher’ of 2018. An interview about wind turbines and... Read more
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Stay healthy, and in control of your data

5 February 2019
How can we use data science and Artificial Intelligence to improve healthcare and make it more cost effective?... Read more
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Artificial Intelligence for reliable infrastructure

5 February 2019
Are there early signs of deterioration of a bridge? AI analyses and interprets data, detecting anomalies... Read more
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Flexible thin-film solar cells can ease the energy transition

4 February 2019
Energy from your window or car roof? Flexible, transparent solar cells turn all surfaces into energy... Read more
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Calculation model stimulates the reuse of building products

4 February 2019
Insight into a building product’s residual value makes reuse interesting. TNO is making a calculation... Read more
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Microtracing with AMS technology leads to faster drug development

1 February 2019
TNO's advanced AMS technology enables faster drug development. Read more

Does ethical Artificial Intelligence exist?

21 January 2019
Can you use the processing power of a computer to calculate the best – ethically responsible – outcome?... Read more
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Ships never off radar again thanks to smart algorithm

14 January 2019
TNO has developed a smart algorithm that has made inland shipping safer by improving shipping communication... Read more


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