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Why they chose a career in science

11 February 2021
On International Day of Women and Girls in Science we would like to introduce you to 4 of our female... Read more
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Smart sensors for a healthy and safe working environment

14 January 2021
TNO develops the VOHA to measure and interpret real-time readings of exposures in the workplace through... Read more
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Business park sustainability needs momentum

12 January 2021
Huge CO2 savings can be made by making business parks more sustainable. Read more
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Tackling energy poverty together

23 November 2020
Nearly one million households suffer from energy poverty, We analyse this issue in our latest white paper... Read more
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Biomarkers personalise medical treatment

13 November 2020
To be able to personalise healthcare, TNO and Roche are working on the development of biomarkers Read more
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Towards a quantum-secure future using three steps

12 November 2020
Using three clear steps, we help organisations prepare for a quantum-secure future. Read more
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Measuring emissions: a prerequisite for air quality, nature, and health

9 November 2020
By measuring emissions, TNO gives a clear understanding of the effect of road vehicles on health and... Read more
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SEL method: assessing the societal ‘readiness’ of an innovation

6 November 2020
When is an innovation ready to be introduced? The SEL method assesses whether society is ready for it.... Read more
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How can we make the process of developing medications faster, safer, and less costly?

19 October 2020
We're working on innovations to develop personalised drugs faster, safer and cost effectively Read more
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Extended reality: the successor to Zoom and Teams

8 October 2020
Thanks to COVID-19, we have very quickly got used to meetings via Zoom, Teams, or Skype. However, in... Read more


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