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A heat battery for the home: compact, stable, and affordable

23 August 2019
Compact, stable, affordable energy storage for your home? TNO & TU/e have developed an innovative heat... Read more
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Reservists take up the challenge

12 August 2019
TNO’s reservists join the military on exercises and missions so they can conduct research in the field.... Read more
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Plastics in rivers may be a bigger problem than 'plastic soup'

29 July 2019
The research revealed that the vast majority of plastic waste in rivers does not reach the sea, but instead... Read more
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Unique open innovation lab for improving geothermal technologies

24 July 2019
In the innovation lab in Rijswijk we're open to research partners to further develop geothermal heat.... Read more
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Mobile communication anytime and anywhere using satellite signals

18 July 2019
Need to make a mobile call where standard networks are unavailable? A satellite linked to 5G makes it... Read more
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Port efficiency needs more than just data technology

15 July 2019
How can port call processes be made more efficient! A TNO-led consortium studied the problem. Read more
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Positioning the Netherlands as Northwest Europe hydrogen hub

11 July 2019
TNO has a big role to help the Netherlands grow into the new European hydrogen hub. Read more
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Port of Rotterdam significantly reduces CO2 with blue hydrogen

3 July 2019
Of all ambitious plans of the Rotterdam port and industrial companies to achieve the climate targets,... Read more
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The electric car that powers itself with solar energy

24 June 2019
It started in 2013 with winning the World Solar Challenge in Australia. A tough journey of about three... Read more
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Hydrogen can boost the energy transition: 7 opportunities

13 June 2019
Hydrogen can play a mayor part in the energy transition. We offer 7 opportunities. Read more


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