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Using acoustic waves to generate heat and cold (and help speed up the energy transition)

21 June 2022
This heat pump uses acoustic waves to generate heat or cold. Read more

Predicting progression of medical status while preserving privacy

17 June 2022
New insights into cancer are needed to help improving care and prevention. This requires broad and rich... Read more

Strengthening digital sovereignty makes Europe less vulnerable both politically and economically

14 June 2022
In Europe we have become highly dependent on a small number of mainly American and Chinese Big-Tech companies... Read more

Dutch industry needs 'digital plugs' to increase productivity

14 June 2022
By committing to a short time-to-market, first time right engineering and a seamless production chain,... Read more

Data sovereignty: an opportunity for European businesses and technology providers

14 June 2022
The greatly increased usage of data in our society and our heavy dependency on the US and Asia for digital... Read more

TNO’s translational models excel in preclinical research

13 June 2022
Accelerating drug development requires us to remove some key roadblocks that slow down the development... Read more

Self-learning adaptive systems accelerate the industrial development process

9 May 2022
Whether concerning the effectiveness of batteries in electric vehicles or the reliability of high-speed... Read more

How 5G network slicing will make our traffic cleaner, more efficient and safer

25 April 2022
5G will contribute to more efficient, cleaner and safer mobility, but only if we can use 5G’s full potential... Read more
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Wind turbine with 145-metre blades: reduced costs and greater efficiency

4 April 2022
Wind turbines with 145-metre-long blades? This is how we make testing and certification possible. Read more
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Driving Industries Forward with Public Private Partnerships: Arla Food Ingredients and Danone

17 March 2022
Can one research project drive entire industries forward? It can when the right industry players come... Read more