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How neuroscientists can help detectives

16 November 2018
How are TNO neuroscientists helping detectives to combat serious crime? Read more
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Managing workplace risks with sensors

2 November 2018
Safe and healthy working in industry with personal sensor technology by Accenture and TNO #ConnectedWorker... Read more

Welcome to TNO Insights!

1 November 2018
TNOTIME changed to TNO Insights. Read more
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Building tailored 5G networks for vertical sectors

25 October 2018
How will 5G provide more data at higher speeds? Thanks to 'network slicing'. TNO member Adrian Pais explains it... Read more
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A better understanding of marine mammals

22 October 2018
How do marine mammals respond to noise? Read more about the international efforts into this issue Read more

Type 2 diabetes: not 1 type of disease, not 1 type of treatment

15 October 2018
How can we reverse type 2 diabetes tomorrow? Read the blog by TNO’s Suzan Wopereis at TNOTIME. Read more
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What will your life look like in 5G?

12 October 2018
What will your life look like in 5G? Find out how TNO is helping to deliver applications for this network.... Read more
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How the Netherlands can maintain its leading position in the horticulture sector

2 October 2018
How can the Netherlands keep its leading position in horticulture? “Innovation is as vital today as ever.”... Read more
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Blast, Ballistics & Laser Testing Prepares Forces for the Future

2 October 2018
The new WEPC is an engine for innovation in testing and protection #Defence #DMO #ballistics #laserweaponary... Read more
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Do cobots and augmented reality lead to more and better work?

28 September 2018
What are the effects on the labour market of the use of inclusive technology like augmented reality? Read more


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