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Excellent research: the risks of extreme heat and cold

11 March 2020
Boris Kingma is TNO’s Young Excellent Researcher of 2019. He investigates the risks of extreme heat... Read more
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Wood construction is not only circular, but faster too

27 February 2020
Wooden construction not only contributes to the circular economy but is also a very fast construction... Read more

Secure data sharing in healthcare with complete privacy

14 February 2020
Digital healthcare seems full of promise. Like a coaching app developed by a hospital and that uniquely... Read more

Sustainable and affordable energy within reach?

6 January 2020
How can we produce green hydrogen on a large scale? A new test center makes better research possible.... Read more
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Methane: a greenhouse gas that we need to keep an eye on

16 December 2019
Methane is responsible for 20-30% of global warming. TNO is working on better measurements in the energy... Read more
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On the way to self-organising logistics

16 December 2019
Is the milk running out? The fridge arranges delivery when someone is at home. TNO is working on it. Read more

Startups do not solve poverty in Africa

9 December 2019
In Africa innovation lacks an ecosystem, and startups have a harder time of it Read more
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TNO has a positive impact on the output of businesses

18 November 2019
What impact does working on innovation with a TO2 institute, such as TNO, have on the results of companies?... Read more
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Self-sovereign identity reduces red tape

4 November 2019
With innovative SSI technology, organizations can get better data, cut costs and speed up their processes... Read more
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Algorithm creates new, lighter design for space telescope

14 October 2019
An algorithm created a new, lighter, and cheaper design for a space-based Earth observation telescope... Read more


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