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Hydrogen can boost the energy transition: 7 opportunities

13 June 2019
Hydrogen can play a mayor part in the energy transition. We offer 7 opportunities. Read more
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Electrification is reducing Port of Rotterdam's carbon emissions

15 May 2019
Port of Rotterdam is planning to reduce carbon emissions. TNO is closely involved and shares this knowledge.... Read more

Mastering challenges in sustainable logistics

16 April 2019
TNO helps to make logistics more sustainable. This brings us closer to a CO2-neutral society. Read more

Cooperation brings smart waste treatment one step closer

16 April 2019
Succesfull pilot sustainable logistics: Smart waste logistics halve transport trips in Amsterdam Read more
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World first in large-scale capture of CO2 from waste

5 April 2019
With this first ever plant capturing CO2 from waste, we’re one step closer to a CO2-neutral industry.... Read more

Cold ceramic bricks do have potential in Malawi

3 April 2019
TNO heeft de technische mogelijkheden onderzocht van kwalitatief hoogwaardige bakstenen zonder verhitting... Read more
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Smart mobility systems in the global spotlight

29 March 2019
How will connected-automated transport impact motorways and cities? TNO will show you at June’s ITS congress... Read more
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Next generation of heat pumps developed in collaboration with industry

28 March 2019
TNO collaborated on a new generation of heat pumps that take us closer to 100% CO2-reduction in the industry.... Read more

Faster roll-out of flexible displays enabled by SALDtech

27 March 2019
Start-up SALDtech uses TNO’s SALD technology to make production of flexible displays faster and cheaper.... Read more

Sharing data easily and controllably via IDS

26 March 2019
With IDS, organizations can securely exchange data. TNO is the Dutch IDS contact point as of today Read more


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