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Particulate matter, an elusive problem - but what is particulate matter?

12 July 2022
Exposure to particulate matter leads to human suffering and high costs. But what exactly is particulate... Read more

A more effective particulate policy in five steps

12 July 2022
Meeting the current particulate matter standard will not solve the particulate matter problem. TNO offers... Read more

Why the current particulate matter standard does not solve the problem

12 July 2022
In the Netherlands, we are on track to achieve the European particulate matter standard, although since... Read more

Talking Buildings: a pleasing partnership between people and buildings

7 July 2022
An energy management system that enables buildings and people to work together thanks to AI. This is... Read more

Enabling Sustainability Transitions in Emerging Economies

6 July 2022
Every day, TNO develops knowledge, expertise and technology to address serious societal challenges. Our... Read more

Energy transition: growing cooperation between government and industry

4 July 2022
Industry needs to go green more quickly. While it’s true that this sector has succeeded in significantly... Read more

Forming new value chains for a circular economy

4 July 2022
The transition from fossil to sustainable raw materials affects the entire chain from the chemical industry,... Read more

Industrial energy transition: making energy and raw materials sustainable

4 July 2022
Industry has a major role to play in achieving the climate goals by 2050. To become fully sustainable,... Read more
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Using acoustic waves to generate heat and cold (and help speed up the energy transition)

21 June 2022
This heat pump uses acoustic waves to generate heat or cold. Read more

Predicting progression of medical status while preserving privacy

17 June 2022
New insights into cancer are needed to help improving care and prevention. This requires broad and rich... Read more