A car with a moral compass

Look through the eyes of TNO and discover how we contribute to the life of tomorrow with traffic rules for robots.

How long do we have to wait for the first fully self-driving car? Today, most people still drive cars without self-driving functions, where the driver is responsible for all the tasks involved in driving. In order to make our mobility safer, but also cleaner and more efficient, we are working on the introduction of autonomous traffic.

A long wait

Marieke Martens (professor of Automated Driving and Human Interaction and scientific director at TNO) does not expect fully self-driving car with accompanying infrastructure to be built until 2080, so to speak. "What I want to say is that it could be a long time before we have smart vehicles that are not only self-driving, but also actually safer and more comfortable."

Digitally on the highway

The reason it is taking so long? Martens: “An awful lot of research is still needed. First, to the human factor. For example, what do you know about the driver, what do you want from him or her and how do you apply that in the design of self-driving cars?” To answer such questions, TNO conducts research on the road and in simulators.

Artificial Intelligence in mobility

Before the self-driving car passes its practical exam, the way in which the car interprets and classifies data must be tested against reality. Does the car make choices based on the correct interpretation of its environment?

The digital standard

When has enough testing been done to say that an autonomous car is safe? The complexity of today's systems require billions of kilometers to determine this with certainty. That is an impossible task. We need to work on a digital standard.

Dealing with hackers

How can we prevent the moral compass of a car from being influenced from the outside? For example by hackers?

What about the moral aspect?

TNO also researches the ethical sides of the self-driving car. Our ethics expert Marc Steen answers 4 questions about self-driving cars.

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