Acoustics and sonar

Ocean resilience and transparency
Sonar distinguishes fish species

Sound is omnipresent in our society. Often it is a nuisance and by-product of human activities, but it is also used as a tool to further our vision, for instance underwater. The acoustics and sonar group strives to support governments and industry in the Netherlands and abroad to better understand, use and control sound.

Our team of 22 PhDs, 16 MScs and 12 engineers carries out applied scientific research on topics related to acoustics and sonar. The Acoustics group provides R&D and consultancy services for industry and the public sector on noise control at the source, in the propagation path and on exposure at the receiver.

Capabilities include model development (numerical and theoretical), experimental testing and monitoring, system and software development, product innovation, and impact and policy studies. Through involvement in European research, standardization work and links with universities and partners, a broad range of acoustic expertise is available.

Our expertise

The Acoustics group offers expertise and innovative solutions covering environmental noise, occupational noise, product quality, detection and diagnostics technology. We develop integral solutions by taking the whole chain from source to receiver into account, in a multidisciplinary approach.

  • Traffic noise
  • Underwater warfare and security
  • Underwater noise and environment
  • Noise control engineering
  • Impulsive noise

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Ocean resilience and transparency

Various civil parties use our expertise in the field of the ocean environment, including shipping, the offshore industry, ports and construction companies.