Sustainable productivity and employability

Healthy society

The Sustainable Productivity and Employability expertise group improves sustainable labour productivity in organisations. By sustainable, we mean that solutions are in line with what contributes to the health of employees, but also with what organisations need in order to survive in a healthy way.

Healthy labour is the best building block for organisations. This can be achieved by utilising the possibilities of new technologies and the latest organisational developments. We bring the conception and implementation of these solutions together under the heading of ‘social innovation’.

Sustainable labour productivity

Measuring productivity that lasts is difficult. Nevertheless, we have done a lot of research on this at TNO. In healthcare, industry, business services, and government.

We use measuring methods that combine social organisation issues and knowledge of human factors (ergonomics). We help companies and organisations at home and abroad to increase their productivity, health, employee comfort, and development opportunities.


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