3D printing: food and pharma

3D printing

The technology available for 3D printing has advanced significantly in recent years. We focus on developing solutions that reach beyond the capabilities of commercially available printers. We have the knowledge, expertise, equipment, and the network to find answers to the most complex challenges in 3D printing. In our 2 brand-new Additive Manufacturing laboratories, we develop and experiment with different set-ups, to improve 3D printing of food and pharma.

A look behind the scenes at Food & Pharma Printing

Broad-based expertise

Successful 3D printing of food and pharmaceuticals requires far more than just knowledge of technology and equipment. That’s why, in addition to the design and engineering of equipment, systems, and software, we also focus on process engineering and business consultancy. We first ensure that we fully understand the products, the effect of the printing process on various materials, and the specific wishes. We then develop a holistic solution tailored to your client’s needs and goals.

State-of-the-art extrusion printer

We’ve developed a set-up for high-force and high-speed extrusion printing that exceeds commercially available limits. Our experimental multi-nozzle printhead platform allows printing with multiple materials simultaneously.

We’re also exploring the potential of novel extrusion concepts for continuous and large-scale production. Whatever your printing ambitions, we have the equipment you need to experiment and to design an appropriate system.

Expert-level powderbed printing

Our flexible powderbed platform is built to research and print a wide variety of liquid and powder classes. With automatic powder deposition and several different printheads for droplet generation, the possibilities are endless. In addition, laser sintering capabilities are also available on our powderbed platform.