High Tech Industry

Dutch industry is among the world leaders. It is essential to innovate in order to maintain this position and continue to develop society. Our task is to contribute to modernising industry, for example using key technologies, which are important building blocks for achieving objectives relating to climate and digitisation, for example.

Digitisation is crucial for circular industry

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It is our ambition that the Dutch high-tech industry will be leading in new and existing markets by 2030, powered by ground-breaking technologies from TNO. We believe that the solution for the problems facing humanity today will to a large extent rely on new technologies. These new technologies enable new materials, products, processes, and services.

In the unit industry, building on many years of experience, we prioritise key enabling technologies. We bring these technologies and solutions to the point where we can apply them in industry. Our focus is on the following key technologies:

Smart industry

Smart industry stands for far-reaching digitisation, creating links between products, machines and people, and using new production technology. Smarter machines, robots and other parts of the production process communicate with one another, enabling them to work together optimally. Industry can function much more efficiently thanks to process optimisation.

Optimisation occurs not only within companies, but also between different companies in the value chain. We are therefore encouraging the development of new initiatives by setting up regional field labs where companies, educational institutions, and knowledge institutions collaborate to achieve the smart industry objectives. By forming such collaborative ventures, we can provide global solutions to global challenges.

Strong public-private partnerships

Together with companies and knowledge partners, we are building regional ecosystems. We are creating strong public-private partnerships based on platform technology, using cutting-edge shared facilities. By working together, we will develop more knowledge and ensure that what we create can be deployed more quickly.

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