Space systems engineering

Space and scientific instrumentation

Aerospace plays a crucial role in the daily lives of everyone on Earth. Communication, navigation, and observation satellites as well as their innovative information systems, terminals, and high-tech instruments are becoming a unique part of our planet's infrastructure. We work on aerospace technology together with the Dutch government, companies, institutes, and universities.

The Space & Systems Engineering expertise group develops and supplies optomechatronic instruments and systems for aerospace, ground-based astronomy, and scientific research. Both existing and new technologies are needed to make these instruments and systems. Experts in optics, mechatronics, production, and testing work together to achieve the desired result. This requires a multidisciplinary setting and sound project organisation.

Watch the video below for a glimpse behind the scenes at the Space & Systems Engineering expertise group.

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Quantum internet enabled by space

23 October 2023
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Quantum computing holds the promise of tackling major contemporary challenges, ranging from predictive analysis and material design to pharmaceutical development and handling vast datasets.

Air quality management using satellite data

25 September 2020
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