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Strategic innovation assets: Protecting and strengthening the innovation ecosystem

The Strategic Innovation Assets report was published in a collaboration between TNO and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. This study provides strategic insights into the importance of Dutch organizations and networks for the Dutch innovation ecosystem.

Rapport 'Strategic Innovation Assets for the Netherlands'

Read the report 'Protecting and building Strategic Innovation Assets for competitiveness and societal challenges'.

Developments in own innovation ecosystem

More and more countries are becoming aware of the value their organizations, knowledge initiatives and networks play in realizing prosperity. Germany got a wake-up call, when robot producer Kuka was acquired by a Chinese company. Macron prevented an important French shipyard from passing into Italian hands.

But it is not only about protecting your own economy. The European Commission (EC) established the Strategic Value Chains for Europa. They called for the establishment of its own "Airbus" for batteries. The Netherlands announced a growth fund to secure economic growth. In those cases it is important to establish what measures and incentives to take.

Aids for policy makers

The Strategic Innovation Assets approach serves as an aid for policy makers. It helps in the innovation domain by developing strategies for protecting or strengthening the innovation ecosystem. Based on a specific case or as a guideline for long-term planning.

With this approach we look at the "critical" role of a company, knowledge institution or network in ecosystems and value chains. Strategic Innovation Assets form the backbone for future prosperity of the Netherlands, both in an economic and social sense. This approach facilitates a structured discussion on opportunities and threats.

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