Bouchra Al Lamaakchaoui

Corporate recruiter

The greatest innovations of our time are sparked by an inquisitive scientist having an inspiration. Do her candidates have this personality trait in sufficient measure? That’s what piques corporate recruiter Bouchra’s curiosity.

‘The Defence, Safety & Security (DSS) unit is in development. As a corporate recruiter, I look for candidates who want to contribute to a safe and secure world through groundbreaking research. In the preparatory meetings with the research managers and also during the selection interviews themselves, I’m always amazed at the cool and special projects and research we do here. From radar technology to AI; from drones to cyber security. I’m proud to contribute indirectly to this.’

Making an impact

‘After studying Business Administration, I gave myself time to find out what I like doing. When I started work as a recruiter for an IT company in 2019, I discovered how satisfying it is to be able to make an impact in someone’s life. After all, work is an important part of life. I like to contribute by making people happy with a job that suits them, especially if they also use their expertise to add something to the organisation. As a recruiter at TNO, you’re not only looking for new talent, but also for your future colleague.

The great thing about that is that you stay in touch even after a new recruit has started work. Making someone happy and enthusiastic. Learning something new. And being surprised by an encounter. If I can get these three things out of a day, I’ll have have a great day.’

A good step in your career

‘For DSS, I regularly recruit candidates who have just graduated or are about to do so. At TNO, you have the opportunity to make what interests you most into your job and to discover and develop your talents. You’ll receive support, but there’s no set career path for you; you’re in control. TNO is an attractive employer. We’re at the forefront of research and innovation, and from day one you’ll be part of a team of highly trained experts who are genuinely interested in your ideas.’

Enthusiastic and curious

‘What do I look for in a candidate, apart from the CV? Enthusiasm in particular – I often detect this in the first phone call – and curiosity. You’ll gain a lot at TNO from having a curious attitude. Just like thinking out of the box and doing something with the result. For example, developing a business case based on an idea you have, so that you can actually start researching it. With that attitude, you can make the difference in finding a new way to make the Netherlands safer and more secure.’