Sustainable production

Global industrial production and consumption are outpacing the renewal capacity of natural resources and the capacity of governments and industries to manage pollution and wastes.

While industrial growth has helped raise tens of millions of people out of poverty in many countries over the last decades, it is evident that economic growth and industrial production is accompanied by inadequate occupational safety and health and environmental services, including recycling systems, wastewater treatment, energy supply, water supply, and solid waste management. Such deficiencies inhibit economic growth, place further stress on natural systems, and damage public health and the investment climate (UNIDO, 2014). TNO has long-lasting knowledge and experience on cleaner production, resource efficient production, waste management, lifecycle analysis, occupational safety and health and renewable energy. We transfer knowledge, build capacity, have train-the-trainer programs, user-group approaches and guide SME’s and MNE’s on sustainable production.

Our work

Cleaner production for textile industry in Bangladesh

As implementation partner of  Bangladesh Water PaCT (Partnership for Cleaner Textile), TNO is involved in establishing a knowledge hub on cleaner production that supports the textile industry of Bangladesh... Read more
Our work

Ergonomic hand tools in farming (Ghana)

The hoe is a traditional tool used by small-scale farmers. Ghanaian farmers called for a new tool to allow them to work more productively and with less effects on their health. In co-creation with local... Read more
Innovation for development

Drs. Mathilde Miedema

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