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‘Get to Know TNO’ webinar: Health

At TNO, we innovate for a safer, more sustainable and, last but not least, healthier life. The corona pandemic has meant big changes for everyone. We are more aware than ever of our health and how vulnerable it can be.

Watch webinar

Rewatch our webinar ‘Get to Know TNO’ that focused on the theme of health.

Look through our eyes and see how technological and social innovations can help people make better choices that lead to better health. How proper use of our health data leads to a combination of prevention and treatment. And how a fresh look at everyone's skills sets is leading us to a more balanced labour market.  That is what we are working on at TNO.

If you are currently studying and looking for an internship or graduation project and would like to know more about the TNO Trainee Programme as well as get to know our organisation virtually, then watch our webinar ‘Get to Know TNO’. Please keep in mind you can no longer participate in the polls or ask questions.

What can you expect?

Through this webinar you can already get a taste of what it can be like to work at TNO. From our headquarters in The Hague you will meet several of our scientists. 

You can also start by taking a look at the personal stories of TNO employees or rewatch the previous 'Get to Know TNO' webinar on Energy Transition and Sustainability.

The Get to Know TNO webinar is given in English, lasts almost 2 hours and afterwards you will know whether TNO might be an interesting employer in the near or distant future.

For whom?

BSc, MSc or PhD students who are looking for a next phase of study or are already interested in vacancies, internships, graduation opportunities, or the trainee programme of TNO.


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