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'Get to Know TNO' Webinar: Mobility and Air Quality

In 2050, a lot will have changed in terms of mobility. Will we all be working remotely? And how do we even get to the office? Via self-driving cars or electrical bicycles? What kind of transport is used for bringing all our (online) orders and products to our homes in the most sustainable way? 

Will we be using video calling like we do now? And how do we make sure our loved ones who are not that tech savvy don’t get lonely? What kind of transport will be used for bringing all our (online) orders and products to our homes in the most sustainable way?

These are research topics that TNO is constantly working on. Would you like to know more about our work and get to know our organisation? Then please (re)watch the webinar below and find the answers to those questions. Please keep in mind that we can no longer take questions or poll results into account.

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What can you expect?

We talk about several studies we are doing in the field of disruptive mobility concepts and take you on an online tour to give you an impression of our facilities.

You can also start by taking a look at the personal stories of TNO employees or rewatch the previous 'Get to Know TNO' webinar on Energy Transition and Sustainability.

Afterwards you will know whether TNO could be an interesting employer in the near or far future.



By host Shari Finner, trainee at unit ICT

Welcome video

By Peter Werkhoven, Chief Scientific Officer TNO

Emission of ships in the Netherlands

By Daniëlle van Dinther, scientist integrator.

Ships emit different gasses into the atmosphere (among others nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxides). Maritime shipping alone already accounts for 28% of the total emissions of nitrogen oxides in 2017 in the Netherlands (CBS, Emissieregistratie). Given the heated nitrogen deposition debate in the Netherlands this is a substantial amount.

In this presentation we will look at different measurements of ship emissions collected over several years. Do we see the influence of legislation on Sulphur content in fuel in the measurements?

Video and Q&A about Impact of new Mobility Concepts

by Sri Ganesan, consultant and portfolio lead disruptive mobility concepts.

More and more new innovations in mobility are under development, such as Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Connected and Automated Vehicles, Hyperloop, etc,. And on the other hand, mobility contributes to a large share to the societal issues like emissions. By understanding the impacts of new mobility concepts we can answer questions like: does a new innovation solve congestion? How to regulate new mobility innovations for optimum societal result? What policies and governance structure is needed for new mobility innovations to operate in the existing mobility system?

Holoportation: interact with distant people as if they were next to you without traveling

By Lucia D’Acunto, senior researcher on networking aspects for social XR

It’s the year 2025 and, instead of travelling to a business meeting or conference or to see distant relatives and friends located on the other side of the globe, you wear some glasses – or perhaps some lenses – and you are able to see and interact with them as if they were there in the same room with you, without any network glitches. TNO works on enabling the future of remote, travel-less communication, characterized by a more natural and immersive interaction than what’s possible with today’s videoconferencing systems.

This way of communicating, which we call “social eXtended Reality (XR)” requires addressing several technological challenges such as (i) the real-time video capture of high quality 3D user representations, (ii) the low latency transmission of these 3D user representations over the network, and (iii) the synchronization of the various users’ representations at the receiver’s end, for each user; all done continuously in time for as long as the social XR session is active. Enabling this requires a combination of image/video processing, data compression and network management.

In this talk Lucia will provide an helicopter view on TNO’s activities and technological developments in this exciting and challenging “new way of travelling”.

Working at TNO

By Paul Verschoor (corporate recruiter), Shari Finner and Daniëlle van Dinther

This last part of the webinar is meant for answering viewer questions. For instance; What is it like to work at TNO? How does Shari experience the trainee programme and why did Daniëlle choose a different entry path? What has triggered her as a PhD student? And what it is that Paul is looking for in future TNO colleagues?

For whom?

BSc, MSc or PhD students who are looking for a next phase of study or are already interested in vacancies, internships, graduation opportunities, or the trainee programme of TNO.


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