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The impact of Aerospace Engineering at TNO

With your background in Aerospace Engineering, you can work at TNO on pioneering themes of a strongly multidisciplinary nature. In the projects you can combine your own knowledge with that of other experts to achieve the best results. But what makes the knowledge you acquired during your studies so unique and valuable for TNO?
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Aerospace Engineering graduates have in-depth technical understanding in a broad range of fields such as materials science, composites, aerodynamics, structural analysis, space technology and transportation systems. Thanks to their experience in multidisciplinary projects, in which good communication with other experts and team members is vital, they have the ability to translate (fundamental) scientific knowledge into innovative concepts and solutions to meet the challenges in our society.

Here are a few examples of projects and departments in which TNO staff with a background in Aerospace Engineering put their experience and knowledge to excellent use:

  • 3D printing, where our researchers are constantly seeking innovative developments in additive manufacturing. This is happening in 3D food printing for instance, a completely new way of making food products that have unique properties and can be fully personalized;
  • Lithography with extreme ultraviolet light, where TNO is helping ASML to realize prototypes for new lithography machines. Themes involved here include fluid mechanics, thermomechanics, optics, strength of materials and control technology;
  • Protection of persons, vehicles and buildings against a wide range of threats (terrorism, accidents, earthquakes etc.). Two recent examples here are the EU projects SUBCOP and ELASSTIC. In an international collaboration as part of ELASSTIC, a building has been designed that should be able to resist terrorist threats as well as earthquakes or floods;
  • Desdemona, a multi-applicable simulator that pushes the limits of movement simulation and that can be used for researching and simulating complex situations in which vehicles fly, sail or drive;
  • Projects within the Space & Scientific Instrumentation expertise group.

At TNO you will work at the interface between the academic world and the business sector. You will participate in projects where scientific knowledge is translated directly into applications in business, government and other organizations. In this way you will contribute to innovation and development in the Netherlands and to solutions for various societal challenges. You will be challenged to provide innovative solutions and to acquire knowledge in a wide range of fields.

At TNO you have the freedom to determine the direction of projects yourself and you can respond directly to opportunities. So you have plenty of influence over your own development. And this is reinforced by the coaching and training that you yourself select and put together. This means that you are constantly developing your knowledge and expertise and are fully in control of your own career.


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