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The impact of Econometrics at TNO

The work of TNO has an impact on society, and our econometrists make an important contribution to this. Their assignments range from scientific research to consultancy, from policy studies to tests. One thing is sure: as a TNO econometrist you won’t be faced with boring routine.

Since TNO carries out applied research, you will work at the interface between the academic world and the business sector. You will apply theoretical techniques in a new context and always create the link to the market. At TNO, you will work on projects with plenty of diversity in terms of substantive issues and client situation. One example is SynchroMania, which can be applied to increase awareness of more efficient planning methods for container transport, or Smart Data Factory for real-time data sharing in a logistics chain. Other projects include Prescriptive Policing in which predictive models help the police and judiciary to do their work and Multilevel Energy Optimization which maps the effectiveness of CO2 reduction measures. These are some examples of societally relevant innovations where our econometrists use their own expertise to identify possibilities.

The projects in which our econometrists are engaged relate to themes within five focus areas: industry, healthy living, urbanization, defence, safety & security, and energy. To give a few examples, they work on the serious game SynchroMania to support more efficient planning of container transport, on Smart Dairy Farming in which real-time sensor data enhances sustainability in a complex chain, on Multilevel Energy Optimization which aims to accelerate the energy transition in the Netherlands through the use of sustainable local energy initiatives, on a business case for Truck Platooning in which trucks ride in convoys, or on the replacement for the F-16. In addition TNO has collaborated in the first World Prosperity Outlook, producing statistical analyses of income distribution worldwide.

At TNO you can put the knowledge acquired during your studies straight into practice. We work in a wide range of diverse projects and you can develop your abilities in the direction you choose, as manager, content expert, consultant, project manager or business developer. When you yourself take control, many possibilities open up for econometrists at TNO.

TNO always has a need for up-to-date knowledge of new techniques and good quantitative modelling skills. You will work alongside experts in other areas and with the business community. This results in a broad and varied field of work.

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