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How you can use your mathematics skills at TNO

Mathematicians at TNO are constantly working on innovations that can be applied some time between now and five years’ time, and get the chance to use their mathematical skills in a range of disciplines. Following on from your Mathematics studies you can continue to do research at TNO but you will certainly also interact with the business sector. You will apply mathematics to real problems.

Since TNO carries out applied research, you will work at the interface between the academic world and the business sector. You will apply theoretical techniques in a new context and always create the link to the market. You will work on projects with plenty of diversity in terms of substantive issues and client situation. One example is SynchroMania, which can be applied to increase awareness of more efficient planning methods for container transport, or Smart Data Factory for real-time data sharing in a logistics chain. Other projects include Prescriptive policing in which predictive models help the police and judiciary to do their work, and Multilevel Energy Optimization which maps the effectiveness of CO2 reduction measures. These are some examples of societally relevant innovations where our mathematicians use their own expertise to identify what’s possible and what isn’t.

TNO works on the basis of projects. In each project you will work together in a team with experts in other specialist fields and with the business sector, resulting in outstanding and unique innovations. This collaborative work is highlighted in, for instance, the Shared Research Programme Cybersecurity and in QuTech, an alliance with TU Delft that focuses on developing the quantum computer.

Mathematicians at TNO are given plenty of opportunity to find out which application areas interest them most. Then you can grow to become an expert in one of these application areas or you can choose to retain a broader orientation. You will have plenty of space for your own initiatives, own responsibilities and the freedom to manage your own time.

At TNO you are free to determine the direction of projects yourself and you can decide for yourself which technologies you will try out and apply. This means that you are constantly developing your knowledge and expertise and are fully in control of your own career.

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