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What could someone with your qualifications do at TNO?

Are you a graduate (or are you about to graduate) and do you have an affinity with TNO’s social and economic research themes? Are you energised by bringing people and knowledge together, and by making companies and society more effective and robust? Do you, like us, get a real kick out of being innovative, and are you highly motivated to deliver demonstrable added value for customers? If so, then TNO is the employer for you!

At TNO, you will work on projects at the crossroads between university and society, from basic science to applied knowledge. In research projects, you will team up with people whose educational background differs from your own, and together you will get the best results. Every single one of our projects has an impact on society.

The following are just some of our interdisciplinary projects:

  • 3D food printing, making food increasingly personalized and creating new textures and structures;
  • Bio-nanotechnology; research and development at the interface of nanotechnology and biology, from biologically-inspired computer chips to nanopore technology for biomolecular analysis;
  • QuTech: a collaborative venture between the Delft University of Technology and TNO, focusing on the development of a quantum computer and a secure quantum internet;
  • Exoskeleton; a collaborative venture between TNO and the University of Twente, involving the development of a wearable skeleton that boosts a person’s physical strength;
  • Innovative solutions for sustainable cities and neighbourhoods: an ecodistrict planner that provides insight into future-proof investment decisions;
  • Smart data factory: real-time data sharing in the logistics chain;
  • Heat battery: a battery that stores the warmth of the summer sun and uses it to heat homes and buildings in the winter.

At TNO, you shape the course of your own career. You are given the freedom to steer your personal development in the direction of your choice. That could be in the role of a researcher, a manager, a technical expert, a consultant, a project manager or a business developer. With experts in a wide range of fields all under the same roof, work at TNO is highly diverse and the opportunities boundless. Whatever job you do there, you will be involved in groundbreaking work. The work is also highly varied, as you will be involved in several different projects at the same time.

We are always on the lookout for professional people who are keen to make a difference – together with us. Do you think that your background matches the type of work we do? If so, be sure to check out our job vacancies.

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