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A wide range of opportunities for physicists at TNO

Physicists at TNO work on applied research, generating solutions to real societal problems by using 3D nanotechnology and quantum computing. A wide range of technical challenges await them in many areas of interest: fundamental research, applied research and engineering. The results of their research are applied by government or corporations.

Our physicists work on a broad spectrum of projects. These include:

  • 3D nanomanufacturing, to enable future mass production of 3D nano electronic devices;
  • Dutch Optics Centre, a collaboration between TU Delft, TNO and SMEs on high-tech optical and opto-mechanical products and tools;
  • QuTech, a collaboration between TU Delft and TNO aiming to develop a quantum computer and a safe quantum internet;
  • ebl2 EUV exposure and analysis facility, offering clients the opportunity to evaluate their components with NXE-relevant EUV irradiation and environmental conditions to address contamination and lifetime challenges;
  • GAIA spacecraft, making scientific observations of the universe and delivering spectacular data;
  • Iter, the development of a visible and infrared imager for application in the Iter nuclear fusion reactor.

All our experts work on a wide range of projects with experts from other disciplines within TNO, such as biologists, optical engineers and civil engineers, as well as with clients and partners. Our physicists work with and for various clients, such as governments, the SME sector, large companies (such as ASML, the Iter consortium and Carl Zeiss), service providers and non-governmental organizations. You will be continually developing new knowledge and better products.

TNO employees require an entrepreneurial mindset and feel comfortable working on different projects at the same time. As a physicist at TNO, you will be able to explore and develop your interests in the fields of expertise that TNO operates in. You will be able to work on a number of challenges and can select the line of personal development that suits you best. During your career at TNO there will be plenty of potential to develop in a direction that matches your abilities, interests and choices.

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