Building & infrastructure

This is our time to work on sustainable construction and digital infrastructure. Therefore, we’re innovating to build energy-neutral buildings with circular building materials, without compromising their safety, comfort, quality, and affordability. We’re also measuring and modelling to check the condition, vulnerability, and residual life of structures.

We carry out the same analyses for our infrastructure – from wind turbines to bridges, and from locks to platforms at sea. We, for example, used the latest technologies to develop a digital replica of a bridge deck of the Van Brienenoord Bridge. Eventually, this predictive twin will be used for the analyses that will form the basis of its proactive management and maintenance.

Stories of Time Setters

Read Sayeda's story
"Wouldn't it be great if we could soon drive on roads made of bio-asphalt throughout the Netherlands?"
Sayeda Nowrozon Nahar - Junior scientist innovator
Read Agnieszka's story
"For over 20 years I have been involved in applied research and innovation project at TNO."
Agnieszka Bigaj-van Vliet - Senior scientist integrator
Read Arjen's story
"The main questions that drive my research lie in the organizational and change management aspects of construction processes."
Arjen Adriaanse - Director of science 'Buildings, Infrastructure & Maritime'

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