The ground beneath our feet is an important national treasure. What lies beneath provides us with energy, water and minerals: sources that are an indispensable asset for our country and which we have to treat with care. We tend to look at our environment as something that happens above ground but it is the subsurface that is a very essential part of this. Its properties determine the stability of the soil, the extent to which mining causes undesirable effects, such as subsidence and earth tremors, and how vulnerable the soil and groundwater are to human intervention. In addition, we use the subsurface for all kinds of storage: thermal energy, gas, CO2 and waste. And so the subsurface has become for us ‘terra cognita’ (known terrain). That knowledge is our specialism, for both the deep (up to six kilometres) and shallow subsurface.

Our collective mission is to make geo-scientific data and information available and to use this knowledge in 2D, 3D and even 4D models to ensure that the subsurface is used sustainably, efficiently and safely, thereby reducing the risks and costs borne by society in relation to the use of the subsurface.

We use our expertise predominantly for the Geological Survey of the Netherlands but also to an increasing extent for the geo-energy domain worldwide.

Our expertise groups:

Key partners are the University of Utrecht, TU Delft, University of Amsterdam, Deltares, RIVM, KNMI, Alterra, the Norwegian research institute Sintef, the French IFP and German GFZ.

Our main stakeholders are the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, energy companies, oil and gas producers.

We also manage the ‘treasury of the subsurface’: the Central Core Sample Storage in Zeist that contains an enormous collection of Dutch soil samples. In a warehouse full of storage shelves are samples from onshore and offshore drilling measuring a total length of 4,400 kilometres.

I look forward to telling you more about our activities and how we can help both industry and government at home and abroad to create innovative solutions for the onshore or offshore subsurface. Call or mail me.

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