Smart Mobility

Mobility is the artery of our society. Efficient and sustainable transport of people and goods is crucial to our prosperity and wellbeing. Our mobility system is coming under huge pressure through the constant growth in demand for mobility. This is creating societal problems, but also opportunity: the Netherlands is the ideal fieldlab for innovative concepts for mobility in densely populated areas.

TNO Smart Mobility identifies mobility bottlenecks and is a partner in the implementation of solutions. Sophisticated models and traffic data processing tools enable us to pinpoint the nature and causes of bottlenecks and using sophisticated traffic models we can analyse the effects of possible solutions in advance. We partner the traffic industry and service providers in implementing innovative solutions, whether for traffic management, traffic network design or managing mobility demand. Finally, we advise on the mobility system of the future: the innovations there will be in the coming decades and how we can make optimum use of them in our traffic system. This concerns not only engineering developments but also organisational, institutional and economic considerations.

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