Market launch of innovations in vehicle automation

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Self-parking cars and trucks without a human driver. Automated driving will change our lives. Are you a manufacturer or supplier of technologies in this field? Then we can help you with a successful market launch.

We advise on safe and convenient vehicle control solutions. What we can help with:

  • licensing of complete applications such as ‘highwaypilot’ or ‘automatic valet parking’
  • providing underlying architectures and software modules
  • design advice

In addition, we help accelerate acceptance of the technology through rapid realisation of ‘proof-of-concept’ and vehicle demonstrations and advanced prototypes. For example, we develop Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and automation applications.

The benefits

Collaborating with TNO on vehicle automation, integrated control solutions or system integration offers several benefits.

Benefits for manufacturers, OEMs, TIERs

  • accelerating technology development by providing knowledge and software
  • expediting market launch

Benefits for suppliers

  • creation of marketing demonstrations
  • delivery of model-based solutions that perform better
  • building of systems, and demonstrating their operation in pilot scenarios

Benefits for government

  • making investment decisions based on background information
  • providing knowledge and expertise
  • demonstrating supplier components at application level
  • developing demonstration and pilot systems

Benefits for road management authorities

  • providing and sharing knowledge and expertise
  • reduction of costs for the development of road tests

TNO services

Specifically, we provide:

  • Licences for integrated control solutions: sensor fusion, world modelling, vehicle dynamics, vehicle control, behavioural prediction.
  • Licences for safety concepts and architectures. We produce technology which manufacturers can adopt for a licensing fee.
  • Advice on safety issues.
  • Functional and complete systems engineering and systems integration.
  • Building ‘proof-of-concept’ and vehicle demonstrations and advanced prototypes.
  • Integrated knowledge of the combination of embedded vehicle control technology, systems engineering, safety and prototype implementation.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about our contribution in the field of vehicle automation, integrated control solutions and system integration? Or do you want to demonstrate the operation of a technology or prototype in a pilot scenario? Then please contact us.

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