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Media & Network Services works on the future of the internet. The "Future Internet" will be a major resource for the distribution of video content, and shows a strong growth in the number of connected devices ("internet of things") and will transport and host large quantities of data (Big Data). Distribution of audio and video content, media mining and the orchestration of machine to machine communications are our leading themes.

TNO's Media & Network Services department has up-to-date, broad knowledge of management, distribution and search technologies. We advise and help many players to develop new media services and applications. We are well represented in international standardisation bodies. For example our knowledge area Network Control is strongly represented in the international standardisation of the new generation of mobile networks. In the area of ICT and Media we collaborate with the following departments especially; Network Technologies on transport of data over any conceivable fixed or wireless data network, with Intelligent Imaging in the field of intelligent image sensors, and with ICT Security for security of media applications. Our expertise is divided into two closely collaborating knowledge areas, which are Media Mining and Media Networking.

Our expertise

  • Media Mining faces the challenge to create insight into large quantities of text and video material that come from various sources such as archives and social media. We know what's feasible in this area and come up with innovative applications for companies and organisations, where the information need and the context of the user are key.
  • Media Networking works on the development and application of new ways of registering, distributing and consuming audiovisual media. We have extensive expertise in media encoding, content distribution architectures and streaming media technology, along with actual experience of developing prototypes and proofs-of-concept.

TNO activities

TV recording: TNO is working on automatic video registration for sporting events

MNS provides consultancy, develops tools and technologies, herewith some examples:

  • In the 'Metadata Extraction Services' project we work with various partners, such as LexisNexis, to develop a system that can analyse media and automatically generate the corresponding metadata. This makes it possible to detect pre-defined topics within 5 min. of airing and inform interested parties via text message for instance.
  • In the 'Set Top Box-less IPTV' project we cooperate with ten (inter)national partners to design a solution for IPTV without a separate digital receiver (set top box). We design solutions to their requirements and specify the necessary technical elements within DVB and the Open IPTV Forum, leading standards bodies.
  • Through the 'M2M (Machine-to-Machine) standardisation' project we represent mobile operators in 3GPP's mobile network group. Where we're a leading player in standardising adaptations to mobile network aiming to make such networks better suited for M2M traffic.
Our work

MIME: MemoryBanks Interactive Metadata Extraction

Research into automatic metadata collection of TV viewing trends of the elderly Read more
Our work

Regulation in the media-internet-telecom value web

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How policy makers can deal with digital platforms

21 March 2016
At the request of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, a TNO-led consortium has built a framework that provides structure and guidance to policy makers that deal with digital platforms, such as Facebook,... Read more

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