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TBQ: new approach helps improve fire safety

TNO has developed the Fire check inspection tool for health care institutions in order to be able to demonstrate that fire safety is in order, and this programme will be made suitable for other sectors in the near future.

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From rules to risk approach

In the unique calculation model underlying Fire check, all the structural, technical, organisational and cultural measures to be taken have been calculated in detail for their effectiveness. This signifies a turnaround in traditional rule-based thinking: TNO takes building regulations to prevent or delay a fire as a starting point but opts for a risk approach to determine the exact risks of each fire safety provision and asks whether there is a cheaper but at least equally effective alternative to a prescribed measure to delay a fire.

International interest

There is now a great deal of international interest in the risk approach and the inspection tool, which, by accurately identifying the risks, can increase fire safety while avoiding unnecessary investments. Care institutions can use the tool to show the fire brigade or the inspectorate that the measures taken adequately guarantee safety. Where this deviates from that prescribed in the Building Decree, it can be shown that the alternative is equally as effective.

For new construction and renovation

Fire check runs on computers, tablets and smartphones and is available for iOS, Windows and Android. The user can view the property with all its characteristics and complete a questionnaire, enabling management to demonstrate compliance, and then calculate where any risks are and how to deal with them, which is useful in both new as well as renovated buildings.


Two TNO experts have set up the company TBQ (Tools for Building Quality), which focuses on the development of comparable fire safety tools in other areas, such as office buildings, schools, nurseries, hotels and student residences.

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