Digital infrastructure

The continuing digital transition is making us increasingly dependent on an optimal digital infrastructure. We’re working on technologies to connect networks and platforms, and to make them flexible.

More connectivity with digital infrastructure

The Netherlands is among the world's leaders when it comes to our digital infrastructure, but there is still a lot of inefficiency.

Our latest developments

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Discover hybrid working 2.0: virtual meetings in the metaverse

26 January 2023

Positive experiences of remote working are leading us to insights for new innovations. Our latest innovation: work meetings in the metaverse.

Sustainable streaming: how can we save energy while watching?

5 December 2022

Energy use by ICT services such as streaming consumes quite a bit of energy. TNO is looking for ways to bring down the energy required for streamed content.

Extended reality: the successor to Zoom and Teams

8 October 2020
In TNO’s Medialab in The Hague, work is already underway for the next step of Zoom and Teams: extended reality.