Air quality

Air pollution is still causing health problems in the Netherlands. TNO's knowledge can help public-sector bodies, businesses and citizens to reduce this pollution. We can assess the causes and extent of air pollution with measurements and models. Combined with knowledge of the health effects of pollution, this information forms the basis for measures and policies, measures and actions designed to reduce pollution.

Sensor networks Although the air in the Netherlands has become cleaner in recent years, it is still not clean enough. Public-sector bodies, businesses and individuals can engage TNO to conduct applied research into air pollution. In the context of prevention, sensors combined with models can predict when pollution levels will become serious and is likely to exceed statutory limits. Linked to knowledge of health risks, especially those relating to exposure to and particulate matter and black carbon, this is the basis for preventive measures.

Policy advice

Public-sector bodies, businesses and individuals can also call on TNO to assist in policy formulation. We are working with DCMR (the environmental protection agency of local and regional authorities in the Rotterdam Rijnmond region) to reduce incidental emissions from industrial sites. TNO has provided support to the Tilburg municipal authority in assessing traffic measures for reducing soot emissions, and has advised the municipal authority of Utrecht on planning the environmental zone.


New study shows need for methane measurement programme

01 August 2018
After CO2 , methane is the main contributor to climate change. International studies in which TNO was involved suggest that Dutch assumptions about sources of methane emissions are not correct. Methane... Read more

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