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Measuring air quality

TNO uses measurements and model calculations to study air quality, levels of natural and anthropogenic emissions, and the deposition of air pollution on ecosystems and materials. TNO also measures and models the effects of measures taken to improve air quality.

For this research, TNO has laboratories and equipment for sampling and measuring nitrogen oxides, particulate matter (PM, EC/black carbon), greenhouse gases and other air pollutants. For more complex situations, we also have models that can be used to develop appropriate measurement strategies and provide a more in-depth interpretation of results.

Recent examples

The following are examples of recent measurements and experimental research:

  • Measurement campaigns to assess the effect of methods designed to improve traffic flow (e.g. linking traffic lights, dynamic maximum speed limits). This research includes the monitoring of elemental carbon levels;
  • Research into the effectiveness of the capture/removal of air pollution (particulate matter, nitrogen oxides);
  • Research into personal exposure to pollution through various forms of transport (e.g. bike, car, bus);
  • Research into greenhouse-gas emissions (e.g. N2O from soils), emissions of particulate matter by shipping, and of hydrocarbons by industry;
  • Measurement of emission diffusion in industrial locations. A new, inexpensive method that combines measurements and models;
  • Methods for assessing atmospheric deposition on surface water;
  • Calculations and measurements to assess nitrogen deposition in natural areas, in order to study the effect of measures taken.


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