Cyber Security & Resilience: staying safe in a digital world

Information and communication technology (ICT) is penetrating ever deeper into every facet of society.

Our dependence on data infrastructures and the equipment connected to them is growing by the day. But with the number of threats and vulnerabilities continuing to increase, we are not keeping up our digital resilience. According to the Cybersecurity Beeld Nederland 4 (CSBN4), the biggest threat comes from states and criminals. States tend to focus on stealing confidential or sensitive, competitive information (cyberspying) as well as preparing for cyberconflicts. Criminals mainly target digital fraud and theft of information that can be converted into hard euros or digital Bitcoins. It has become just as important to safeguarding security in this digital world as in the physical world.


International workshop Policing the Dark Web: a success!

05 October 2017
Increase international cooperation, uniform Internet regulations, fill innovation and research gaps. These among the main actions identified by 70 international law enforcement, research and business experts... Read more

TNO and NTU Singapore confirm research collaboration in Autonomous Vehicles

04 October 2017
The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and Nanyang Technical University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have announced to start their collaboration  on Autonomous Vehicles (AV’s)... Read more

Recent police action strikes a blow against illegal wheeling and dealing on the Dark Web

29 August 2017
The underground markets on the Dark Web have suffered a significant setback after the recent joint Operation Bayonet by the FBI and the Dutch police to take down the sites AlphaBay and Hansa Market from... Read more


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