Intelligent Imaging

TNO's Intelligent Imaging group works together with partners on technological breakthroughs leading to major innovations in high-priority societal and economic themes. About 40 professionals work in the Intelligent Imaging research group, which is engaged in image processing, image enhancement, image analysis, visual pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence.

We develop applications in the areas of:

  • Defence, Safety & Security: video surveillance systems, multi-camera tracking and persons recognition, behavior recognition software, smart cameras
  • Transport and Mobility: traffic management systems, cooperative traffic control, pedestrian and moving object detection
  • Health care: remote patient monitoring, unattended autonomous surveillance, image-guided interventions
  • Industrial and infrastructure inspection: highly complex measurement and control systems (2D en 3D vision, x-ray, infrared, and laser)

In addition, the research group is also engaged in a wide variety of projects involving complex image processing and computer vision in both 2D and 3D. In these projects, we apply our unparalleled expertise in the area of sensors and sensor systems to develop smart real-time algorithms. We work together with companies to develop complete systems and to implement software on computer platforms (PC, DSP and FPGA). Furthermore, the group works closely together with other research disciplines within TNO, including Human Behavior, Human Factors, Traffic Behavior, and Distributed Sensor Systems.

Our work

Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI)

One Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) sensor can monitor an area of multiple square kilometers in great detail. This results in huge data flows, larger than the available bandwidth. The smart algorithms... Read more
Our work

Smarter Surveillance, man, machine, synergy

Nowadays the work of a surveillance officer is complex. It is expected of them to respond proactively to what happens around them in order to prevent incidents form happening instead of responding to... Read more

Expertise groups

Ir. Christophe Hoegaerts

  • Intelligent Imaging


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