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Applied Geosciences focuses on all geoscientific aspects of exploration and production. Our exploration studies aim to improve estimates for hydrocarbon potential in mature and frontier areas, with a focus on deltaic settings. Production research focuses on strategies that optimise recovery and closed loop reservoir modelling.

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Seismic view of shallow gas accumulation

The Netherlands represent a mature area for hydrocarbon exploration. Exploration and production in such a mature basin not only sets specific challenges, such as the proximity and multiple use of subsurface resources, but also provides opportunities given the high-density data and infrastructure cover. Our particular experience gathered in this mature region is valuable in other oil & gas provinces, and TNO therefore paves the way for international cooperation and data optimisation. Our expertise ranges from geological characterisation, biostratigraphy, well correlation and petroleum systems modelling to reservoir simulation, field development planning, economic evaluation & risk assessment.

Find more: new plays and opportunities

Geophysical exploration techniques together with outcrop and well data are the keys to developing (new) gas plays. By applying high quality, integrated technology to petroleum systems in a creative and multidisciplinary way, such new play concepts can be developed.
Each existing play has its own challenges and only full understanding of the system enables new fields to be found. Since most E&P companies can only oversee their own acreage TNO is often pivotal in the combination of data and knowledge in integrated joint industry projects in NW Europe. Internationally, TNO can offer the best expertise in the niche technologies of biostratigraphy, heat flow modelling and deep fluid-flow modelling. Our full services include:

  • Seismic interpretation
  • Reservoir characterisation
  • Petrophysics
  • Chemo- and biostratigraphy
  • (3D) Basin modelling
  • Reservoir simulation
  • Well correlations
  • Field development planning
  • Underground gas storage
  • Ground subsidence
  • Economic evaluation & risk assessment

Recover more: increase ultimate recovery

Digital reservoir model with well planning

TNO assists companies in the development of well production strategies that maximise recovery. Using case-specific models we evaluate, improve, benchmark and detect production system bottlenecks. Real-time solutions allow us to develop methods and models to derive information from production data, and use it to optimise production via a closed-loop reservoir modelling approach.
Another important part of increasing recovery is to have the right tools and technologies to detect areas from which gas has not been produced yet. Technology development focuses on both detecting and producing from such undepleted pockets.


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