The main purpose of the European wind industry's research and development strategy for the next decade is to become the most competitive source of energy on land (2020) and at sea (2030), not counting external costs.

The industry is moving on to two parallel paths for cost savings:

  • Incremental innovation: cost savings through economies of scale resulting from increased market volumes of 'mainstream' products, with a continuous effort to improve production and installation methods and products.
  • Breakthrough innovation: creation of innovative products, including highly scaled up specialised (offshore) turbines, which should be seen as new products.

The UPWIND project has investigated innovative processes and determined which crucial information was lacking to reduce the energy costs of connections to the grid, foundations and wind farm interactions.

Wide scope and reduction of energy costs

UPWIND is one of the few integrated projects carried out under FP6. Integrated projects were designed to cover the whole research spectrum and bring them together in a single work package, integrating the results of all the activities.
Because UPWIND had a broad project scope and the project formed the basis for important future energy cost reduction strategies, it has made a significant contribution to the recommendations of the European Wind Energy Platform and the launch of the European Wind Initative.

The results of the UPWIND project can be requested here:

The results of the UPWIND project can be requested at

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Bernard Bulder, MSc

  • Wind Energy Technology
  • integral wind farm design
  • optimisation and cost modelling