Holst Centre: Accelerating innovation

TNO knows that innovation is the key to a healthier and more sustainable world. But addressing the global societal challenges of tomorrow requires us to connect the latest innovations to the businesses that can bring those innovations to life. At Holst Centre, TNO and imec put industry partners in touch with the brightest minds in the field to create breakthrough, marketable technology solutions.

Marketable innovation

Holst Centre

Holst Centre's innovations aim to improve people’s vitality and wellbeing, and ensure a sustainable future. It strengthens the economic power of industry partners by helping them turn promising innovations into marketable products. At Holst Centre, the Dutch Brainport region connects with a global ecosystem of industry partners and academia, and utilises that profound expertise to realise technological solutions to global challenges.

Holst Centre is one of the few innovation centres to combine expertise in the area of wireless sensor technology and flexible electronics under one roof. Its primary value comes from helping partners develop demonstrators and prototypes that provide proof-of-concept. Companies can then turn technologies into state-of-the-art, new products and manufacturing processes. The knowledge transfer that occurs during the collaboration makes each partner company stronger, often leading to higher turnovers and job creation.

Two innovation models

Most often, Holst Centre works in a pre-competitive, open innovation model. This leads to faster, cheaper and more effective innovation that reduces risks and allows a rapid time-to-market. Industry partners combine their own R&D with shared R&D to leverage all available expertise in a structured and professional setting. With customised agreements that protect each partners’ interests, this shared innovation allows entire industries to advance.

Sometimes, however, a single company is ready to speed up the technology transfer and industrial uptake of results obtained in the shared research. In those cases, Holst Centre enters into a one-on-one relationship with a single partner. When an innovation has reached a higher technology readiness level, or an SME has a shorter R&D horizon, these one-on-one relationships can accelerate the time to market. Holst Centre ensures that, in these cases, dedicated partnerships and IP agreements are in place.

Specialised expertise in a shared environment

In 2005, TNO and imec (Belgium) came together with the support of local, regional and national governments to establish a location where their expertise could be applied to solve global societal challenges.

With more than 180 employees from 28 countries, Holst Centre serves industrial partners in over 80 projects. In each one, knowledge and expertise are combined and applied to address technological challenges and turn the latest innovations into solutions for a healthier, more sustainable world.

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