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Overview of published Updates:

Update Tech Transfer 2020-4 (november 2020)  (in Dutch)
In the presence of the State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Management, Relement has been announced as the 25th TNO spin-off. During the digital visit, the digital publication with all 25 TNO spin-offs was also made public.

Update Tech Transfer 2020-3 (October 2020) (in Dutch).
This month focuses on crack detection in masonry, facades that generate energy through an innovative coating, quantum technology and a biosensor for the analysis of a drop of blood.

Update Tech Transfer 2020-2 (July 2020) (in Dutch)
This month the new version of 'TNO Spin-Offs in the Spotlight' including the six spin-offs that were founded in 2019, the heat pump of Blue Heart Energy and 3D printing of medicines from Pharmaprint.

Update Tech Transfer 2020-1 (May 2020) (in Dutch)
In this Update attention is paid to the annual report 2019 of Tech Transfer and the 2 spin-offs Studio Automated and AMSYSTEMS. Studio Automated makes it possible to stream sports matches live and AMSYSTEMS can accelerate 3D printing by means of a special technology.

Update Tech Transfer 2019-4 (December 2019) (in Dutch)

Update Tech Transfer 2019-3 (October 2019) (in Dutch)

Update Tech Transfer 2019-2 (July 2019) (in Dutch)

Update Tech Transfer 2019-1 (in Dutch)
This update focuses on the first spin-off of 2019 Delta Diagnostics, the Tech Transfer annual report of 2018, four new propositions that have been added to our program and Sightlabs, the spin-off that detects ransomware attacks in the network.

Update Tech Transfer 2018-1 (in Dutch)
In the first TNO Tech Transfer Update, LeydenJar was brought to the attention with a new type of battery and news about our spin-offs in media.

If you are interested in our propositions or spin-offs, we invite you to respond.

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