International recognition for TNO’s spin-off ‘SHM NEXT’ at 15th EARTO Innovation Awards

11 October 2023

Today TNO’s spin-off ‘SHM NEXT‘ won second prize in the category ‘Impact Delivered‘ at the 15th EARTO Innovation Awards for an innovative digital twin solution for predictive maintenance of infrastructure. The system consists of wireless sensors for damage monitoring, AI-based damage prognosis, and VR-based 4D visualization of the results. The impact? Safer, cheaper, and more efficient utilization of the assets through continuous remote and prognostic evaluation without interruption of operation. The prize was awarded at a special ceremony in Brussels with wide political and stakeholder participation.

“This recognition at European level would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of the SHM NEXT team and the precious support from TNO in the past four years. We have together shown an example of how R&D outcome can be taken to the society with good organization and collaboration."

Dr. Pooria Pahlavan

Chairman of SHM NEXT

Wireless solution for predictive maintenance

TNO’s spin-off ‘SHM NEXT’ provides an innovative prognostic digital twin system which performs structural health assessment of civil and industrial infrastructures. The unique architecture of this digital twin makes the solution scalable, highly reliable, and suitable for large-scale assets. The widespread application of this technology in European civil and industrial infrastructures will have significant positive social, environmental, and economic impact. Continuous remote, quantitative, and prognostic evaluation of assets without interruption of operation enables safer, cheaper, and more efficient utilization of the assets.

'In Europe, infrastructures like ports, bridges and power plants are in need of attention due to aging and high levels of utilization. Maintaining the safety and reliability of these critical assets in the coming years requires a transition from traditional periodic maintenance approaches to more advanced predictive schemes. SHM NEXT offers a unique predictive twin solution with fully integrated damage diagnosis and prognosis. This enables optimal planning of maintenance and repair of infrastructure, exactly when it’s needed. We are honored and pleased with this recognition from peers and key stakeholders', explains Arjen Adriaanse, Director of Science TNO Mobility & Built Environment.

About the EARTO Innovation Awards

The annual EARTO Innovation Awards rewards an innovation with significant proven or expected social and/or economic impact. A pendent jury evaluates entries and selects the winner or winners. Founded in 1999, EARTO promotes Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs) and represents their interest in Europe. RTOs are non-profit organizations whose core mission is to produce, combine and bridge various types of knowledge, skills and infrastructures to deliver a range of research and development activities in collaboration with public and industrial partners of all sizes. EARTO network counts over 350 RTOs in more than 32 countries. EARTO members represent 150.000 of highly skilled researchers and engineers managing a wide range of technology infrastructures.

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