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Webinar: Materials Scarcity for Hydrogen Production

VoltaChem is organizing an open webinar on the 27th October 2022 on the topic of Materials Scarcity for Hydrogen Production. The event will include a keynote address by Sara Wieclawska (TNO), followed by a panel discussion led by Reinier Grimbergen (TNO-VoltaChem), with leading experts from across Europe. Take part of this open webinar.

16:00 - (CET)

Challenge to critical raw material for hydrogen production

The scarcity for critical raw materials required for electrolysers could derail our ongoing efforts to transition to a sustainable energy system.

Research from TNO suggests that in order to fulfil the projected demand for the production of hydrogen, we would need more than twice the amount of iridium that is currently extracted from the ground, for Europe alone.

Sara Wieclawska (TNO) will elaborate more on this materials challenge in the context of hydrogen production, its potential implications, and mitigation strategies. This will be followed by a panel discussion involving several leading experts from around Europe, who will dive deeper into the various aspects involved.

Participants for the panel discussion:

  • Reinier Grimbergen (Moderator) - Principal Consultant, TNO
  • Christian Gebauer - Head of Hydrogen Systems, Heraeus
  • Sven Grieger - Business Development Manager, Fraunhofer Research Institute for Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies (IWKS)
  • Florian Lessing - Business Development Manager and Expert for Hydrogen and Power-to-X, VDE Renewables GmbH
  • Oscar Diaz Morales - Scientist, TNO-Holst Center

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