Renewable electricity
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Innovations in solar energy technologies

Solar energy is affordable and reliable due to innovations and economy of scale, and through standardisation. Over the last 20 years the conversion efficiency has been doubled while the cost has been reduced by a factor of about 20.

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There is still much more to be gained by further technology development on the following aspects:

  • Higher power density and energy yield (more energy per m2) at lower cost
  • Improved spatial and environmental integration: attractive, barely visible, eco-positive photovoltaics
  • Sustainability: end-of-life strategies, application of earth abandon materials

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Four terminal perovskite-silicon PV tandem devices hit 30% efficiency

26 September 2022

TNO, TU Eindhoven, imec and TU Delft, partners in Solliance, joined forces to further push the conversion efficiency of tandem solar cells to beyond the limits of today’s commercial photovoltaic (PV) modules.

Putting Europe back in the lead in solar panel production


Most solar panels come from China. Time to bring the solar panel production back to Europe. With smart solutions from TNO.

Solar energy


The Solar energy expertise group develops technology for solar panels, including bifacial solar modules and silicon solar cell technology.

Perovskite solar cells

We’re currently working on scaling up perovskite solar cells. A new technology with a high potential yield. Discover what we’re doing.

Tandem technology for higher PV performance

A tandem panel consists of a combination of solar cells. This delivers a higher PV yield. Discover how we are further developing tandem technology.