Digital Twin

Digital society

A digital replica of a building, bridge, device or city? TNO offers entrepreneurs and government the Digital Twin application for all kinds of applications.

Digital Twin for built environment

A digital replica of a bridge that can help plan maintenance at the right time and in the right way? This is very important with the major maintenance tasks in our infrastructure.

Digital Twin for the industry

Want to see exactly what's happening in the device even though you haven't even created it yet? Building a digital replica of an industrial process that is so good that manufacturing companies base their decisions for the real process on it. It's possible!

Digital Twin for mobility

A digital twin of a city provides insight into the pressure on traffic and movements, for example, during expansion plans. Several municipalities are already using it.

Digital Twin for wind farms

Digital twin technology can help monitor turbines and complete wind farms in real time. Simply put, a copy of an existing turbine or park in the computer. This way we can better predict maintenance.

Digital Twin for geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is regaining momentum as a renewable energy source in the race against climate change. TNO develops an intelligent decision support system for geothermal assets.

Digital Twin reliable

The major challenge with continuously changing data sources and (AI) models is to keep this digital twin suitable for its purposes. We provide insights and tools to manage the lifecycle of digital twins. This way we maintain the reliability of the digital twin.