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The Impact of TNO

Effective innovation is what TNO stands for. We don’t do that alone but with companies, governments and a whole range of organisations. Through collaboration we create innovations that sustainably strengthen the competitiveness of companies and the wellbeing of society. We develop knowledge not for its own sake but for real application.

We work on issues that concern our environment, safety and security, the energy transition, innovations in industry and how to keep the ageing population actively engaged. These are the challenges that TNO researchers take up every day in their drive to produce impactful innovations.

Every four years we set out our vision of the future and our ambitions in a strategic plan. At the end of this period it is good to look back at the results our work has generated, largely in collaboration with partners and stakeholders. In “The Impact of TNO” we present an overview of what we have achieved in the past few years. Looking back at the period 2011-2014, you will see how relevant these topics still are today.

We hope that these examples will inspire you and we invite you to collaborate with us on tackling the transitions that face our society.

Do you want to know more about who we are, what we do, how we work and the impact of TNO? Meet TNO in our publication 'In brief'.

Read 'The Impact of TNO'

The Impact of TNO
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