Using ITS G5 for efficient truck platooning

10 Jan 2019

The EU Horizon 2020 ENSEMBLE project has chosen ITS-G5 using the 5.9 GHz frequency band as the technology of choice for efficient truck platooning. ENSEMBLE project is paving the way to enable the first generation multi-brand truck platooning with the involvement of all European truck brands by 2022. The ENSEMBLE project is led by TNO.

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ITS-G5 was selected due to its maturity and the fact that it has been tailor-made for instant communication. ITS-G5 offers cyber secure connectivity for the convoy and in digital road infrastructure, traffic management and is essential for the journey to full C-ITS services. It is of uttermost importance that ITS-G5 have access to the whole frequency band at 5.9 GHz to secure the future for platooning and all other safety applications.


The aim of platooning is to increase road traffic safety, as well as efficiency, by introducing ad hoc wireless communication between vehicles and smart road infrastructure. Platooning holds significant potential for making road freight transport safer and cleaner. Moreover, it represents a key step towards higher levels of automation, attractive for both haulers and consumers. Industry has invested heavily over the last few years and is now at the stage of generating an early return on investment.

Benefits of platooning include synchronised acceleration changes between vehicles, a reduced carbon footprint due to the effects of the slipstream and importantly, safer and more efficient goods transport on European roads.

The ENSEMBLE Partners

The ENSEMBLE project is led by TNO. All six European truck manufacturers will bring in their fore-running technological position on platooning: DAF, DAIMLER, IVECO, MAN, SCANIA and VOLVO GROUP (VOLVO TRUCKS & RENAULT TRUCKS). CLEPA represent the equipment and components’ suppliers and will supporting research, innovation and deployment as drivers for industrial growth. Specific suppliers will support the OEM implementations: NXP, ZF and WABCO. ERTICO – ITS Europe, being the platform for the cooperation of all relevant stakeholders to develop and deploy ITS in Europe, will ensure outbound focus by involving stakeholders and by being the link to the European Truck Platooning Community. The consortium is completed by the knowledge partners: IDIADA (validation and legal challenges), IFSTTAR (impact assessment on infrastructure, traffic flow, road safety and perception by users and logistics), KTH (platooning services) and VU Brussel (business case of platooning).


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Dr. Marika Hoedemaeker

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  • traffic behavior
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  • driver behavior
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