Intelligent autonomous systems

Information and sensor systems

With our team of approximately 40 enthusiastic scientists and engineers, we use our knowledge of multi-agent systems, system architectures, software engineering, information fusion and adaptive planning algorithms (AI), to successfully complete a wide range of cross-domain projects. This almost always involves other departments and expertise – from sensor technology to human factors, and from academics to operational people. That makes our work dynamic and varied. Therefore, we are characterized by an application-oriented and system-integrating approach.

Focus areas

We focus on complex, adaptive systems for perception and decision making – in varying degrees of cooperation with humans. We have grown into a very versatile, indispensable link in many multidisciplinary projects.

As part of the DSS unit, we primarily focus on military applications and systems. We do this in 3 portfolios:

Manning and automation

In the navy we play a major role in research into future far-reaching automation of ships. We take care of (system) technical aspects and integrate these with operational factors and human factors. We also develop artificial intelligence for planning and decision support.

Situational awareness

In national and international consortia we research and integrate solutions in the field of multi-sensory image building for detection, tracking, behavior and threat recognition and robust PNT. A growing topic is the integration of autonomous systems (UAV, UGV, USV and UUV) with mobile sensors and robust PNT in Command & Control systems.

Cyber physical systems

We also translate our knowledge into civil applications. Sometimes these are comparable systems, such as robotics for the offshore industry, sometimes a contribution to a completely different application, such as design tool for the quantum internet, or the smart control of heat networks.

Often the results of our projects do not stop with thorough reporting and recommendations, but demonstrations, prototypes or fully developed products are also delivered.

We move with our customers towards more intelligent, safer and more effective systems. We are therefore proud of our technical and domain-specific contribution. We invite you to read in more detail about our work in the articles below. For questions, feel free to contact us.

Get inspired

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The PQC Migration Handbook

4 April 2023

Commissioned by the AIVD, TNO has compiled a handbook together with CWI. This handbook offers organisations advice and concrete steps to mitigate the risk of quantum computers to cryptography.

Norwegian-Dutch nanosatellites successfully launched

3 January 2023

Two Norwegian-Dutch nanosatellites were successfully launched today. “Birkeland” and “Huygens” were placed in orbit around the earth by the company SpaceX.

MilSpace2: Spectrum monitoring dual satellite system

2 December 2022

The MilSpace2 satellite system will demonstrate the military use of a microsatellite spectrum monitoring system.

Test to detect drowning people

9 June 2021
Yesterday, off the coast of Scheveningen, a drone was tested for the detection of drowning people. The unmanned aerial vehicle can function as an extra pair of eyes during rescue operations, thereby enhancing their success rate. Drones could also be used for surveillance on water.