Geo-Information Technology

The main task of the GeoIT expertise group is to provide the IT infrastructure of TNO's Geological Survey Netherlands with all software and applications. We translate user requirements into system software and data models. In this way, we facilitate the intake, processing, storage, quality control, validation and availability of data on the Dutch subsurface to governments, companies and other stakeholders.

Digitally accessible

With innovative IT tooling and software development, we provide data management solutions for Geological Survey of the Netherlands. We ensure that all information on the subsurface is easily accessible, including through the well-known portals we manage: BROloket, DINOloket and NLOG. Our data work forms the basis for everything to do with geology, both internally and externally.

Cohesive whole

Our group develops solution architecture in line with Geological Survey of the Netherlands’ enterprise architecture. We provide technical and functional maintenance to the central storage of all subsurface data. For the IT within GDN to function as a coherent whole, GeoIT takes care of all technical functions of the information provision such as portals, web services and applications, as well as the maintenance of GDN and BRO infrastructure and software.

Internal cooperation

Areas of focus are:

  • provision of real-time and dynamic data on, for example, ground movements
  • opportunities offered by artificial intelligence for quality control on correctness and completeness
  • validation of big data on the subsurface

On these topics, we work closely with our colleagues in the GeoData & Information Management expertise group. Together, GeoIT and Geodata are responsible for application management and the data/information lifecycle, with GeoIT focusing on the IT components to enable this. This group is responsible for managing Geological Survey of the Netherlands’ overall IT infrastructure.

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