Sustainable technologies for industrial processes

The Sustainable Technologies for Industrial Processes Expertise Group works on developing sustainable technologies and knowledge. Here, we focus on energy efficiency for energy-intensive industry.

Energy efficiency

For the transition to sustainable energy management and the reduction of CO2 emissions, the contribution of industry is indispensable. Dutch industry needs more than 500 petajoules (PJ) of heat every year. This heat is needed to establish reactions, carry out separation processes or heat up raw materials. This is now provided almost entirely by using fossil sources such as natural gas, oil and coal. We can reduce this via the following routes: process efficiency, reusing and upgrading waste heat and making the heat supply more sustainable. Therefore, we develop knowledge and technology for energy-efficient innovations in industrial processes.

Research programme

This expert group focuses on heat and process technology. The focus is on:

  • reuse, transport and storage of waste heat
  • membrane separations for liquids and gases
  • dorption techniques for liquid and gas separation
  • treatment and upgrading of gases
  • intensifying production processes for (bulk) chemicals
  • utilising residual flows such as CO2 as feedstock for chemicals
  • producing hydrogen for various applications

To implement these solutions, we work together with raw material suppliers, contractors, engineering firms, machine builders, installation companies and several large end-users.

Our solutions

We are committed to technological innovation for reducing the overall energy consumption in your business process, leading to a more sustainable process, lower energy consumption and lower operational costs. We do this by, among other things:

  • a more efficient use of energy
  • more efficient use of raw materials
  • developing more efficient separation methods
  • reducing unwanted by-products
  • improving product yield and quality
  • transition to sustainable products
  • screening of different components

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