Brahim Dagdaoui

Corporate Recruiter

‘You can achieve a lot at TNO if you take your chances’. Recruiter Brahim Dagdaoui has an eye for talent. It’s his job to make sure scientists find a place at TNO where they can blossom and work on groundbreaking innovations. He works for the units High Tech Industry and Mobility & Built Environment, where cool things are happening.’

The South of Holland

‘I’m responsible for recruitment and selection for our locations in Eindhoven, Helmond, and Geleen, which is where I live and work. TNO is doing a lot of really cool things in North Brabant and Limburg within the focus areas of High Tech Industry and Mobility, Built & Environment.

TNO’s High Tech Industry employees, for instance, are at the forefront of developing wireless sensor technology and flexible electronics to collect data to improve the health and wellbeing of patients. These kinds of innovations (their application in particular) appeal to me tremendously. Examples are wearable equipment and smart clothing that monitors our vital functions, as well as beds that measure our sleeping patterns.

Within Mobility & Built Environment, TNO is working on innovations to reduce the emission footprint of traffic and transport and improve air quality, by using, for example, new types of combustion engines and hybrid or hydrogen-powered vehicles.


Before I joined TNO, I worked as a recruitment business partner at DSM. The dynamic of in-house recruitment and selection was already familiar to me. I’ve also worked on the office side of things, but corporate recruitment is a better match for me. You’re given the opportunity to get to know the organisation inside and out, and you don’t just lose track of the people you’ve brought in. The same applies to TNO now. Substantive deepening and developing relationships – both give me a lot of energy.

Strong drive

The people I meet in my work all have incredibly strong intrinsic motivation – the scientists, consultants, project managers, and business developers who work here, the hiring managers I do recruitment and selection with, as well as the candidates I speak to. They’re tremendously passionate about their field and love to talk about what they do. Their research is a way for them to truly contribute to society. I even see that same intrinsic motivation and societal involvement reflected in the candidates I recruit for the more supportive roles.

The best scientists

We need the best scientists for the technologies we’re developing here. These can be experienced candidates, but also starters with the potential to further their development here at TNO. This is why TNO’s employees are given a lot of space to discover and develop their talents. Our trainee programme is a great example of this, but there are many more training options through which TNO invests in its people, both within specific disciplines and in terms of personal growth. You can achieve a lot at TNO if you take your chances and have a desire to grow.’