Focus Areas

We work on innovations within nine societal areas

Buildings, Infrastructure & Maritime

TNO works towards the achievement of reliable, efficient, and sustainable use value in construction, civil infrastructure, and the maritime and offshore sectors. With a leading role in the development and application of new technologies, we support the Dutch government in managing and maintaining Dutch infrastructure and industry, and consolidating and expanding its international position.

Circular Economy & Environment

Improving sustainability may well be the single greatest societal challenge of our time. The issue is high on government and business agendas, both nationally and internationally. However, the scope and complexity of the problem is causing much uncertainty about the best available solutions and the required speed of their implementation. This is where TNO can help.

Defence, Safety & Security

For a society to enjoy prosperity and well-being it is essential that the people in it are, and feel, safe. For Henk Geveke, managing director of Defence, Safety & Security, it is important to support those who make this safety possible. “Whether it’s for the army, the police, the fire service or the business community, we’re putting our knowledge and technology to work in order to create innovations that can help those who are devoting themselves to our safety and security every day.”

Healthy Living

The continuing rise of lifestyle-related diseases and chronic disorders means that we need to take a fresh look at health and healthcare, and to remember that prevention is better than cure. TNO aims to deliver social and technological innovations that can help people make the kind of choices that lead to better health and social participation.


Dutch industry is world class. The country’s industrial sector, its suppliers and related services (including ICT) are an important component (80%) of its exports and create high-value employment. To retain this position the sector has to constantly innovate. TNO regards it as its responsibility to contribute towards the continuous renewal of Dutch industry through ongoing development and the implementation of key technologies.

Information & Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology presents new opportunities for solving all kinds of societal challenges, and fuels innovation and economic growth. However, the rapid digital transformation of society has issues of its own. TNO aims to assist its clients through complex digital transformations by leveraging its know-how in ICT, policy and business models.

Strategic Analysis & Policy

What should the EU innovation agenda look like? Is testing the Hyperloop, a type of hovertrain with speeds in excess of a thousand kilometres per hour, a feasible project in the Netherlands? What new type of fighter plane or submarine does the Dutch military need? What would it cost, and how much industry and employment would it generate? How do we accelerate the coming energy transition? What still needs to be done to make autonomous driving a reality?

Traffic & Transport

Efficient mobility and logistics are vital to the prosperity and well-being of society. The great challenge today is to manage the ever-growing number of movements of people and goods. TNO’s ambition is to help create liveable, sustainable cities through clean, safe, reliable and affordable mobility and logistics.

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