Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) concerns the ability of machines to demonstrate intelligent behaviour. AI is set to transform the way in which we live, work and travel. It will help us improve the competitiveness of Dutch industry and develop innovative solutions which will keep us healthy and safe. The big challenge is to bring AI expertise and domain knowledge together. And that is our strength: we combine different AI technologies with multidisciplinary expertise in order to create responsible system solutions. We do this under the umbrella of Appl.AI (Applied Artificial Intelligence).

Defence, Safety & Security

‘We’re putting our knowledge and technology to work for safety and security’. It is crucial for prosperity and well-being that society is safe and feels safe. But safety cannot be taken for granted. Whether it concerns defense, police, business or others, TNO uses its knowledge and technology to create innovations for people who are safeguarding our peace and security on a daily basis. We are the allies of military and security professionals, in the Netherlands and abroad. And support them with technological and behavioral innovations.

Energy Transition

The ambition of the unit Energy Transition is to accelerate the energy transition together with knowledge institutions, companies and the government so that in 2050 the Netherlands will have an energy regime free of CO2 emissions. The energy transition also offers the Dutch business community the opportunity to lead the way and to export their innovative products and thus contribute to the energy transition worldwide.


TNO Industry realises ground-breaking technological and systemic innovations in high-tech industrial value chains in order to safeguard societal well-being and the competitive position of our partners. It is our ambition that the Dutch high-tech industry will be leading in new and existing markets by 2030, powered by ground-breaking technologies from TNO. We believe that the solution for the problems facing humanity today will to a large extent rely on new technologies, that enable new materials, products, processes and services. Within the Unit Industry, building on many years of experience, we focus on key enabling technologies in the areas of photonics, mechatronics, nanotechnology, quantum technology, systems engineering, printed and thin film electronics, and materials science. We bring them to the point where these technologies and solutions can be implemented industrially.

Buildings, Infrastructure & Maritime

For decades TNO has played a pioneering role in innovation in building and construction, civil infrastructure and the maritime and offshore sectors in the Netherlands. Sectors that are essential for the economy and liveability of our country. An innovative building and infrastructure sector contributes to the quality of housing, good accessibility and future-proof urban development. The Dutch maritime and offshore sector has traditionally been internationally leading. The importance of innovation has strongly increased in the sector, especially in recent decades, with a focus on the sustainable economic development of the North Sea and the effective handling of the rapidly growing flows of goods.

Circular Economy & Environment

Sustainability: the societal challenge of our time. Due to climate change and a critical perspective on the use of raw materials, this issue is high up on the agenda of companies and public authorities. The most important part of the solution is a circular economy. TNO is working on a number of applications and measures to realise this.

Healthy Living

The continuing rise of lifestyle-related diseases and chronic disorders means that we need to take a fresh look at health and healthcare, and must combine prevention and treatment. TNO aims to deliver social and technological innovations that can help people make the kind of choices that lead to better health and increased social participation.

Traffic & Transport

Making liveable and sustainable cities a reality. In a changing world full of global challenges such as urbanisation, ageing, digitisation, automation and energy transition, our ambition is to boost the competitiveness of business and improve the well-being of society by increasing the safety, efficiency and sustainability of traffic and transport.

Information & Communication Technology

Charting and accelerating the digital transformation. ICT is offering excellent opportunities to solve all kinds of societal challenges, ensuring innovation and continuing economic growth. It is a key area for many sectors and other technologies. The rapid digital transformation of our society requires a framework for action. TNO's ambition is to help its clients to achieve complex digital transformations, using its knowledge of technology, policy and business models.

Strategic Analysis & Policy

Turning complex issues into sustainable innovations. What should the innovation agenda of the EU and the Netherlands look like? How can we accelerate the energy transition? What new type of fighter aircraft or submarine does the Dutch military need? What would it cost and how much industry and employment would it generate? What legal framework do we need for safe driverless cars? And how can the use of data help us address societal challenges like youth delinquency?

Tech Transfer

Technology Transfer is an important part of the valorisation process of TNO and involves the transfer of technology to the market. We are searching for investors and entrepreneurs who can play a role in this process. Are you interested in participation in one of our propositions then please get in touch with us. Here is the latest news of our Tech Transfer cases.