One of the challenges in the building and infrastructure sector is to maintain and renovate existing buildings cost-effectively and sustainably, and to develop new sustainable, comfortable structures and buildings - all at a time when we are faced with material scarcity and shrinking budgets. TNO helps to realise this objective with the application-oriented research carried out by the MEC-Bouwlab.

At the MEC-Bouwlab we conduct innovative application-oriented research that focuses life-cycle extension and innovations in materials, energy and structures. This research is carried out for the infrastructure sector and the housing and utility construction sector, in the Dutch and international markets. The fact that the laboratory is located in Delft enables TNO to work efficiently and creatively in a multidisciplinary context with all partners in Delft, to make optimum use of available test facilities, and to create unique research set-ups. The combination of facilities and expertise is an ideal basis for experimental research into building materials and structures. TNO's tests and studies provide customers with improved knowledge of energy systems, materials and structures in general, enabling them to maintain existing buildings to the highest standards and introduce product innovations.

Five areas

The various areas of expertise of the MEC-Bouwlab reflect the broad context in which its research is carried out. This involves experimental application-oriented research, with which we help companies to develop concepts and products. It also involves, for example, R&D geared to performance measurement to provide input for models and facilitate validation.

  • Road building. In this field, on various scales, we research the long-term behaviour of roads, as well as the performance and properties of structures and building materials.
  • Comfortable living and working environments. We work on innovative solutions for comfortable living and working environments.
  • Energyconversion and storage. We work on innovative solutions for sustainable and energy-efficient installlation technology that does not compromise healthy, comfortable living and working environments.
  • Damage assessment. We conduct independent research to discover the causes of damage and develop methods for repairing structural damage. We apply the knowledge this yields in a proactive way to prevent incidents from recurring.
  • Building materials. TNO tests materials and accelerates their ageing in order to assess their performance in the short and long term. We also investigate whether proposed innovations will work in practice.

Location Delft - Van Amstelpark - Bouwinnovatie Lab

Van Amstelpark 8
NL-2629 JJ Delft

Location Delft - Bakemastraat - MEC-Bouwlab

Bakemastraat 97K
NL-2628 ZS Delft
As of 17 May 2021 this location is closed. The employees have moved to our new location Delft - Amstelpark - Bouwinnovatie Lab.


Dr Tom Basten

  • Structural Dynamics